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Bomb Sauce$15.99-30ml (70vg/30pg) or $24.99-60ml (70vg/30pg)

Classic Peppermint-Get festive with this refreshing pepperment candy.

Cereal Cake(60ml)-Cheese cake topped with fruity cereal.

Alien Piss-Blue raspberry lemonade with a tasty twist.

Alien Piss 2-Strawberry lemonade with a tasty twist.

V2-Dragon fruit, mixed berry and menthol.

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Balanced-A blend of coconut and creams.

Refreshing-A mixture of mango, papaya, and cantaloupe.

Satisfying-Raspberry and dragon fruit iced tea.

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Buttermilk Pie-A custard pie that’s baked until it has a lightly caramelized on top crust over its creamy center.

Flak’d-Flaky pastry, layered with finely minced pistachios and other nuts, all held together by a thick, gooey, honey glaze.

Vestige-Sweet-glazed doughnut covered with cinnamon-sugar crumbles, and filled with rich, smooth, key lime cream.

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Bean Bags-Bean Bags is a doughy donut hole rolled in strawberry and mixed berry cereal.

Souly Canolli-The essence of Souly Custardy with the body of Cannoli Be One.

Honey Melow-Honey nut cereal, marshmallows, a hint of golden graham cracker, and just a whiff of ripe banana.

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Cannoli Be One-Vanilla and sweet, multi-layered cream filling.

Cannoli Be Mine-Cannoli pastry, cream, vanilla, and strawberry.

Cannoli Be Nuts-Cannoli pastry, cream, vanilla, and pistachio.

Cannoli Be Breakfast-A cannoli coated in fruity breakfast cereal bits.

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Elysian Labs (WAREHOUSE EXCLUSIVE)$24.99-60ml(70vg/30pg)

K-Strawberry cornflakes cereal.

Lemon Cream-Lemon cronut (croissant donut).

HYPE-White chocolate covered strawberry.

BAE-Peanut butter pecan icecream.

Strawbizzle-Strawberry limeaid.

Siren-Strawberry coconut milk.

Apple Bomb-Apple jacks cereal.

Nilla Cake-Yellow cake with vanilla icing.

Dope-Strawberry banana taffy smoothie.

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Mortality (WAREHOUSE EXCLUSIVE)$24.99-60ml(70vg/30pg)

Idle Hands-White gummy bear.

Fate-Strawberry watermelon slushy.

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D'nish E-Liquid$24.99-60ml(80vg/20pg)

D'lish-Blackberry ice cream.

Churrocabra-Cinnamon glazed churro.

Mosa-Orange mimosa.

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Dark Market Vape Co.$24.99-60ml (70vg/30pg)

Spun-Cotton candy milkshake.

Swirl-Chocolate milk mixed withcookies and cream in a milkshake.

Butr'd-St.Louis style butter cream cake.

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Aqua$24.99-60ml (70v/30pg)

Flow-Pineapple, guava, and mango.

Pure-Strawberry, apple, and watermelon.

Oasis-Peach, cantaloupe, and papaya.

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Classic City Vapor$15.99-30ml (70vg/30pg)

'89-Red velvet cupcake with vanilla icing.

Mama's Boy-Peach cinnamon French toast.

Honey Berry-Freshly picked blueberry and honeysuckle.

Mucho Mango-Peach mango tea with a twist.


D'ohNuts E-Juice$15.99-30ml (80vg/20pg)

D'ohnuts-A sweet strawberry frosted doughnut with strawberry filling dunked in milk.

Pebbles Donut-Freshly glazed doughnut with fruity pebbles topping and a splash of cold milk.

Blueberry Donut-A warm, fluffy, blueberry donut dipped in an ice cold glass of milk.

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Sweet Shack$24.99-30ml (80vg/20pg)

Sweet Shack-A simple, yet elegant blend of fresh strawberries and succulent watermelon.